Boutique Shop

Dear Art Lover,
I want to dedicate this blog page for those who are interested to buy the product as seen on this blog.
Please fill in the form at the bottom of this blog to place an order.

Small Products
Size : up to 20x20x20 cm.
Plaque, doorknob hanger, boxes.
RM20 - RM100

Medium Products
Size : 21x21x21cm to 30x30x30cm. 
Superimposed picture frame, boxes.
RM101 - RM300

Large Products
Size : 31x31x31cm and above.
Cutlery boxes, serving tray, boxes.
RM300 - RM500

Bird house, cabinet.
RM500 onwards

We also paint on your own personal belonging but different charges applied.
ie a rustic Queen Anne's tray.

*Price excludes delivery charges.
*Deposit of 50% upfront is required.