Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Hello there,
     I bet all of us has gone through the downside of life at some point in our lives. It sometimes can be overwhelming when you can't find the silver lining that was over-promised by others. When you feel like you reached a certain limit or roadblock that you can't seem to overcome, don't run from it. Instead, take a deep breath and try my method of handling such situation.
     Firstly, clear your mind from all your problems. I know you think this is easier said than done. However, there are ways to do this. Go for a run while listen to your favourite music and enjoy the scenery that's in front of you or play sport with your friends. It is best not to think of your problems and you'll even feel fresh afterward. So do your favourite exercise, it will do wonders for what you are about to do.
     After a refreshing bath, go through all the things that make you happy and smile. You can browse through pictures of your loved ones, bring out all the gifts and presents that people gave you, or anything that make you feel good. Take your own sweet time doing so because this is your time to appreciate and feel appreciated of what life have given you.
     Better still, write it all down! Make a list of what you appreciate in life, how you feel appreciated, why you deserve to be appreciated and how can you give back to those who made you feel appreciative. Nowadays there are a lot of self help books and seminars and many list making that you can do. One of the list that you can do is the SWOT list. It list out all of your Strengh, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. Another great list is the Wish List, which basically a list of what you want and when you want it. Remember when you want to do Wish List always follow the SMART rule, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time-frame.
     Now that you know what you really want, write down your next course of action. Remember that life has it way to surprise us when we least expect it, so always prepare a contingency plan. Last but not least, don't forget to have fun while you are at it.

     I hope that you will benefit from this method. I may not be a psychologist but I know a thing or two about keeping oneself motivation. You see, I am in the sales line and the work nature are handling people from various background and getting out of my comfort zone but worse of all handling rejections. So I learn a lot about life from doing my job, especially on handling stress. That's why I want to share with you what I did to be motivated most days.
     Aside from my above-mentioned method, this is what I did to be focus and persistent:
1) A goal board. A timeline of what I want for short term n mid term.
2) A vision board. My top priority and long term goals for the next 5-10 years, heavily illustrated with pictures so I can visualize it better.
3) Pensive (like the harry potter where Albus Dumbeldore puts his memory in a jar) I collect things that have sentimental values and save it in my closet. These things reminds me of the happier days and how lucky I am.
4) He/She says. I have yellow note of encouragement others wrote to me at my last day in my company's 3 months seminar. I paste it on the wall to remind myself that if others believe I can do it, the only thing that is stopping me from my success is myself.
5) Clean my room. I always make sure that my room is organised because I believe that the state of my room is the reflection of my mind. Also all the things I did (no1-4) is in my room, where I can always see it from when I wake up n when I go to sleep. This keeps my drive fuel every single time.

That's it from me for now. Till then.


I haven't properly introduce myself.
My name is Elina Raihana.
I am the sixth and youngest daughter of SamDos and Zaiton, the artist.
This is my second blog but this time it's more for my mom's artwork showcase.
Only this page will be more personal side of this blog where I give my take on life.
I hope you enjoy it.

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