Saturday, 26 March 2011

Artist's Profile

Forever Bloom
Zaiton in front of Buckingham Palace
Ir Zaiton Mohd Noor was born on 19th November 1952 in a quiet town in Perak, Malaysia. She graduated from University of Brighton, United Kingdom in Electronic Engineering in 1979 and worked as a Telecommunication Engineer until end of 1999. In the new Millennium, her Y2k resolution is to re-engineer herself in arts and business. From then onwards, she started taking painting classes and mastering her creative and decorative art skills.
The year 2006 was a big leap in progressing in art by establishing a studio with 2 partners to conduct classes and painting. Her deep passion drove her to take part in a workshop conducted by an internationally renowned artist, Ros Singleton's in Melbourne, Australia and became a certified art teacher in 2006. Since then, her painting was featured in a local popular magazine for 3 consecutive months and even have an upcoming spread in another women magazine.

Impromptu painting in Louvre, Paris


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